[design] fleeting architecture

lauf-s wrote:

> it is indeed sad to see such a perfect example of "theory into practice"
> architecture relegated to the virtual existence of photographs.

at least the photographs are on paper, not digital ...

as you know, we photographed gehry's brilliant sheet metal pavilion,
built inside the pension building in washington in 1988, sponsored by
the sheet metal workers' union. it was gehry's first use of metal
'warped' surfaces. i mentioned our 3D documentation of the project to
one of the administrators of the national building museum, and she
retorted, "Who cares. No one even remembers the project."

the cherokee country club in knoxville - a whites-christians-only
institution - just tore down a 1920s historic house on its property in
order to build a parking lot for their golf course. even the gentry in
this country has no regard for preserving the history of its own class,
when that history conflicts with its commercial interests. has the
gentry always behaved this way, or is it a vulgar new turn?

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