Re: [design] archival

Hey Kaplan, let's face it, you're just too smart. Grow up!

Note I didn't say stupid (but I should have).

Quondam's digital archive is vast, and the images available online are
(almost always) reduced versions of the original jpeg file. So what? The
online images manage to be seen virtually anywhere on this planet, and
that's even for free.

As to your ongoing harping, why is it that you never mention the context of
your gripes, which is the commercial venture of architecture on ViewMasters.
You're really pushing your own product so you can make money off it, aren't
you? Isn't business as good as you'd like it? Don't enough people see the
value of your work? Have you thought of doing up Trump architecture? Donald
might make you a millionaire!

My brother and I had a ton of ViewMaster stuff when we were kids in the
1960s--received from a woman my mother worked for, the woman's children
having grown up. Always fun for the kids. Alas threw it all away when I grew

What do I do with the archive?
Scroll to the bottom of -- again, all
for free.

[I'll probably compile the Ezeri Mester story (as it manifest within the
design-l archive) later this afternoon. Kaplan unwittingly initiated that
one. Why am I thinking, "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?"]

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