[design] afternoon field trip

Took some pictures of the Youth Study Center on the Benjamin Franklin
Parkway, future site of the Barnes Foundation. (images forthcoming at
www.quondam.com )

Then crossed the Parkway to the future site of the Alexander Calder Museum,
where about a dozen different Calder sculptures -- 'stabiles' -- are
scattered on the present park lawn. (again images forthcoming)

'Calder art exhibit expands'

This outdoor exhibit is a lot like the virtual exhibit, zomescape, I saw in
the morning. Last year, when I went to see the smaller, prior exhibit, I
mentioned here that I really like the 'virtual architecture' that Calder's
stabiles evoke, and the many new pieces continue to inspire. Like Brian'
zomescapes, I now have this desire to make virtual stabiles via 3d cad. In
any case, seeing the exhibit up close (as opposed to just driving by in a
car) is well worth the trip.

Then I went to the Free Library (initially just to get a particular book)
and I remembered that the long library of Briar Hill is actually part of the
Free Library's Rare Book Department, so I went to take a look at it. Not
only is the room completely paneled in the Georgian style with light brown
oak(?) with lots of knots showing, but all of William Elkins' books and the
original library furniture are there as well. I didn't have time to take
pictures, but the librarian definitely wants me to come back. The
construction documents for Briar Hill (Trumbauer, 1929) are also in the Rare
Book Department collection, and I can take pictures of them as well.

[took pictures of soon to be quondam building, visited museum exhibit
without the museum building there yet, entered room that moved from inside
one Trumbauer building to inside another Trumbauer building. where do I get
my best ideas?]

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