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Bam rises from the rubble but the pain remains // last paragraph***
Slow return to normality a year after earthquake killed 30,000

'The earthquake struck in the early hours of Boxing Day last year, burying almost a quarter of Bam's population.' .... 'Containers and prefabricated rooms have replaced homes and offices. About 5% of the houses have been rebuilt, according to official figures, which many here say shows how slow the authorities have been in their rebuilding efforts.' .... 'The Iranian authorities have now approved what they call a master plan for the reconstruction of the city. It envisages wider roads as well as neighbourhood-specific markets, schools, public halls and recreation grounds. Those who lost their homes will be given loans and grants of up to £6,000 to rebuild 85 sq metre bungalows according to earthquake-proof standards set out by the government. Some have taken advantage of the offer. Others are still living in a mix of tents and shipping containers.'

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