[design] Media Mess Hall

A prime beneficiary of war is the media, right up there
with the military-industrial-congressional complex
(MICC should be MICMC). The photographer who shot
the scenographic holes in the killing mess hall is already
a Pulitzer contender.

The NYC media are agog at the top contenders for premium
penthouses in the city, the NY Times joining the frenzy
with news accounts not buried in the real estate section
and an editorial today. The Times is fat with war stories
interleaved with colorful ads and sorrowful mementoes
of the war dead -- and fulfilling its basic real estate promotional
role, crowings about criminally expensive digs being gobbled
by media war profiteers.

Rupert Murdoch has reportedly bought the former Laurence
Rockefeller triplex penthouse at 834 5th Avenue for $44M.

A triplex penthouse at the Pierre Hotel, first purchased and
converted to a one-bedroom mansion by Lady Mary Fairfax,
with a gigantic ballroom, with terraces and views to the four
compass points, is on the market for $70M.

We have worked on both of these. We offer PDFs of plans
for both, for free, and will sell AutoCAD files of them.

PDFs, Zipped

http://cryptome.org/834-5th-Avenue-Penthouse.zip (1.4MB)

http://cryptome.org/Pierre-Hotel-Penthouse.zip (1.6MB)

More at www.natsios-young.com, contender for super-rich
fee favors, to hell with piddling-cash prizes.

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