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just read a story about .US defense secretary going
to talk with troops to get a mediated A-OK from the
subordinates who are not allowed to question their
own superiors as it's an authoritarian not democratic
system of organization. the missing part is that the
media plays it both ways and loses both ways, at the
same time as a result: why is there not a dislaimer
when these false-perspective photo-operations are
sending propaganda out for the Defense Secretary's
couture, when these guys and gals are getting blown
to bits from bad planning from the chief war architect
yet all that is mustered publicly is a complaint about
junkyard gear on IED' (improvised explosive device)
targeted trucks (most not protected) and Humvees
(majority armored). The shadow boxing is amazing,
the level of self-deceit astonishing, and playing
the military against the military is, well, true-
to-form for an old-hand used to abusing privileges.
Rumsfeld goes into the stage scenery to get another
photo-op for the magazine covers to countermeasure
the last blast from an embedded press-hail-mary pass.
all that is needed is to go to the top of a sampled
pyramid of subordinates who can vouch for rightness
of the cause, the firing of guns and weapons to get
the evil terrorists (insurgency of local populace),
and to equate this with 9/11 payback at this date.
the logic is that just another bullet or a few more
thousand troops are going to change the dynamic not
incrementally but paradigmatically-- which is false.
everyone knows it, except those who believe theirs
is the more real reality and the dissenters are a
bunch of pansies who are scared of doing hard work.
the voters are shareholders and this is the CWO --
Chief War Architect -- who travels to his failing
designs and guarantees that just a few more bricks
in the wall will make everyone see the Eden before
us -- while the main .US contractor just pulls out.

At some point the privilege of perspective needs to
be brought back into a shared reality, like 2D maps
from Egypt or elsewhere from hundreds of years ago,
or GIS today, where all working on the same plane.
Rumsfeld's on another planet, maybe he is a closet
global architectural theorist, given the givens.

The Media Mess in this architectural hall of TV
mirrors and the echo chamber of the death track
repeated daily and nightly, to sardonic laughs
of superior knowledge, wisdom, belief, faith in
a mad mad worldview, is cracked open when lost
dialogues (less frequent than bin Laden tapes)
arises out of the bowels of the media monolith
to actually question what is going on in any
way related to the context of events in which
they occur. TAKE A SOLDIER, for instance, who
has a finite perspective on the ground, they
could be used to say anything and this can be
scaled up as a representation of 'soldiers'-
and is regularly being used as soldiers cannot
question anything in public about this situation
without direct reprisal from superiors -- it is
a setup and is using and abusing the 'authority'
structure to setup an illusion of compliance,
of trust, will, and 'just trust me' -- it may
be something to consider a first-person vantage,
yet one soldier is not a war-fighting strategy,
encompassed in a particular situation of shooting
and killing another person on another side of
the spectrum of events-- you could keep killing
and shooting for infinity and this situation will
not change-- as it has been repeatedly said that
this is not a shooting war, the larger issues.

And to propel the perspective that it is, and
to use pre-programmed soldiers perspectives to
make it seem this way, is probably going to be
getting more people killed and those who share
the embarrassingly simplistic worldview that it
is about bullets and bombs and shooting them as
if a video-game that awaits the next level, is
a testament to the stupidity of this strategy,
the planning of this war, and why a pullout is
the best option in addition to shoring up the
good things that may have developed, so as to
reorganize and get international and regional
and local autonomous government up and running,
saving some .US face and soldiers in the process,
and making the changes sooner than later, while
there is still time to keep elections on track
and let the Iraqis crush Saddams evil bastards,
as they are the only ones will will be able to.

Think of how ironic it is to have Saddam Hussein
going on television to announce that Iraqis should
not vote in the elections-- this is the deposed
dictator who has no power and retains no formal
fear structures-- yet can chip-in to the chorus
of the threat of the .US perspective of a new
government structure-- I mean-- that in itself
is a failure of media-war as that is the best
endorsement one could get for the elections--
that Saddam doesn't want them! And what does
the .US do? makes it even worse, through an
incompetent, belligerent, and also strategic
failure and a failure of 'reason', 'checks
and balances', and democratic oversight of
everything to do with this war and its aims.

9/11 and Iraq, 9/11 and the WTC Libeskind
rebuilding, freedom tower, freedom country,
freedom from reality and truth and justice.
Rumsfeld is not only wrong, each step he is
taking further endangers the soldiers in the
field who he is standing with, getting media
endorsements from, and any real assessment
of the issues by the media would state that
these people are not 'free' to really say
what's on their minds, they are 'on the job'
standing next to the Chief War Architect.
Who makes a commercial with dissenters?

Not architects, the bane of media critics.

The best holiday gift Rumsefeld could give
the US and the world is to RESIGN immediately.
And get a pullout plan in order with a new
vision of where to go from here, to move the
situation to one where Saddam is not able to
be reincarnated, and relations are normalized.

Who knows, peace in the middle-east could go
a long way, though media infrastructures need
to start hitting hard against the illusions
and delusions that are costing thousands and
thousands of lives and untold devastations.
It is a moral imperative, an ethical line in
the sand, and a duty of those who believe they
are fighting for the larger issues. It ain't
all bullets and bravado and machinery, yet it
is represented this way in the media mirage.


John Young wrote:

A prime beneficiary of war is the media, right up there
with the military-industrial-congressional complex
(MICC should be MICMC). The photographer who shot
the scenographic holes in the killing mess hall is already
a Pulitzer contender.

Rumsfeld needles media as troops bemoan bad press story.jsp?id=2004122409020002473435&dt=20041224090200&w=RTR&coview=
< story.jsp?id=2004122409020002473435&dt=20041224090200&w=RTR&coview=>

A soldier at his first stop in Mosul asked Rumsfeld how the "propaganda" worked?

Rumsfeld, under attack since he appeared to brush aside a question about poor equipment from a U.S. soldier in Kuwait that later turned out to have been composed with help from a reporter, jumped at the opportunity to turn the tables.

"That doesn't sound like a question placed by the press," he told his audience to loud applause.

A few hours later in Tikrit, the same frustration surfaced with another soldier complaining that she had a hard time explaining what they were doing in Iraq when she got back home and asking what could be done to get past the bad press.

Rumsfeld said the message was getting through anyway.

"I think the country does understand that we lost 3,000 people on September 11th and the fact that those people were operating in this part of the world ... You've seen the evil up close and personal, you know the danger that this poses.

"What you're doing is important. I think the American people get it."

[design] Media Mess Hall, John Young
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