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I don't know, I've also heard Queen Noor (on
Charlie Rose most likely) and think she was
educated in the .US and married the King of
Jordan. I do not know what being Halabi is,
though it seems she is instrumental in the
building of Middle-east Peace in the minds
and represents a promising approach to how
relations between Israelis and Palestinians
could be facilitated with popular support.
My memory is that, conceptually, the ideas
seemed to involve or invoke 'building' and
development of the (infra) structures, the
foundations, the building programs (such
as health, education) to make this happen.
It is a view that transcends politics and
regional views-- it is a common need for
everyone to have a homeland and to be able
to live in peace. This is a noble goal and
especially needs to be heard, listened to,
when nobody believes it is possible anymore,
because her belief and determination helps
others to maintain, retain, or reignite the
belief, to keep trying...and it will happen.

(I will not pollute these comments with what
Libeskind's work symbolizes in all of this.)

On Friday, December 24, 2004, at 02:45 PM, Michael Kaplan wrote:

brian carroll wrote:

queen noor

she's speaking in town here and wish i could
listen to her thoughts, i believe she has a
degree if not a license in architecture...

i've also heard her in various interviews. correct, i believe she's an architect. very bright woman, with some interesting stories to tell. she's a halabi, right? the daughter of the owner of pan-am.

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