Re: [design] tsunami and architecture

I received the following email from Yangon, Myanmar (quondam Rangoon, Burma)
on Christmas morning:

"I am as busy as five, maybe seven men on Christmas Day, ha. I am supposed
to go to two weddings as well as all the other Christmas celebrations.

Although Myanmar is mostly Buddhist there are also a large numbers of
Burmese Christians, hence they celebrate Christmas and mark the day with a
public holiday.

I will do a little more [.....] studies here next month. I will be in
Myanmar (the golden country) until about mid February or longer, then back
to Thailand (land of smiles). Soon I will go up North (the people are so
kind there), for a few weeks before coming back to the following address."

I have yet to hear anymore from the friend who sent the email, and I hope
all is well, but who knows. There isn't much in the news about Myanmar,
which is odd because it shares much of the same west coastline as Thailand
(where the tsunami hit).

Personally, I believe the notion that there was no tsunami warning system in
place thus no way to send warning is somewhat disingenuous--wasn't the
powerful underwater earthquake itself a 'sign' that a tsunami was manifest?

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