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hi Steve. there is so much information that I have not
been able to follow it all, though I saw a headline that
said 'warning missed', maybe from an earthquake seismo-
graph or some underwater tremor. in the last year or in
the last few months, even, I thought there was another
undersea quake (off Hawaii or somewhere else) which it
was reported that there was no tsunami-effect. so maybe
a certain type of quake and geology has to be present to
create a tsunami. one of the most amazing thing I read was
that an island (Sumatra?) was moved 100 feet by the quake.
and also that few if any dead animals were found, having
moved to higher ground. a friend is traveling over there
and I just got a postcard today - I am hoping they're ok,
so too, your friend. the scale of the disaster is hard to
fathom, the TV images and news accounts do not convey,
for me at least, the enormity of the event- as if there
is something about being in a culture so saturated by
hollywood-media disaster films that the real thing is
hard to grasp, I feel like the reality of it is missing
from the media accounts -- like it is not real enough.
(at least in the .US, from my pov, and I am not a big
movie person either, do not watch the disaster films
or a lot of TV, yet something about these relates, at
least for me, about representing events, fact/fiction.)
I wish there were people from the effected regions who
could voice what is going on there, online, from a non-
Western perspective, instead of being mediated by the
corporations -- I do not understand what is missing for
me except that the profoundness of the events seems so
distant from the daily grind of the news media, even the
presidential silence, and to both witness the events by
way of lightspeed media and yet be so detached from the
events, looking at it as if through a tourists/voyeurs
eyes, camera lens, instead of first person accounts.
is it a barrier of language, culture, poverty/wealth,
it seems as if 100,000+ people died so suddenly, and
so silently, as if all the voices disappeared at once.

On Friday, December 31, 2004, at 11:42 AM, lauf-s wrote:

Personally, I believe the notion that there was no tsunami warning system in
place thus no way to send warning is somewhat disingenuous--wasn't the
powerful underwater earthquake itself a 'sign' that a tsunami was manifest?

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