Re: [design] January of LEAVING OBSCURITY BEHIND


What is this "Leaving obscurity behind"?

Has anyone heard of "Security by Obscurity"?

I would like to start a thread about designing with security in mind.

What are peoples thoughts on this topic?

- Ryan

On Fri, 28 Jan 2005, lauf-s wrote:

26 December
Feast of St. Stephen Proto-Martyr
2004 the Great Tsunami of the Indian Ocean

28 December
Feast of the Holy Innocents
1868 birth of Horace Trumbauer
1931 birth of Guy Debord
2004 death of Susan Sontag
2004 opening of LEAVING OBSCURITY BEHIND, the 2005 Horace Trumbauer
Architecture Fan Club Convention

29-30 December
1916 assassination of Rasputin

31 December
439 death of St. Melania the Younger

1 January
1921 birth of Isma'il Raji al-Faruqi
1944 death of Edwin Lutyens
1945 departure of Donau-Schwabens from Apatin, Yugoslavia
2004 Franziska Baroness von Ow begins her bike trip at Apatin

2 January
1872 birth of Albert C. Barnes

4 January
1965 death of T.S. Eliot

9 January
first Agonalia
feast of Sts. Julian and Basilissa

10 January
1953 birth of Otto George Lauf

12 January
1976 death of Agatha Christie

14 January
1990 death of James A. Williams

17 January
395 death of Theodosius
1706 birth of Benjamin Franklin

18 January

19 January
1945 train from Apatin arrives at Bokovo
2004 Franziska Baroness von Ow concludes her bike ride at Bokovo

20 January
2004 Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheims and Sigmund Freud visit the Vatican

21 January
1793 beheading of Louis XVI
1955 birth of Jeff Koons

23 January
1872 birth of Rasputin

25 January
2005 death of Philip Johnson

26 January
2005 death of Leslie Dies

posted at
Received an email today at 12:54 pm (eastern time) from Doug, an architect
friend in Canada, asking that I call him as soon as possible. Sad news...
Leslie, a mutual architect friend, died this morning in Dallas. Then called
Tony, another architect friend and former business partner of Leslie and
Doug, and told him the sad news. Then called Ron and told him the sad news
as well. Then, around 3 o'clock this afternoon, Ron called me to tell me
Philip Johnson died last night.

Leslie was a wonderful person, and she was even very instrumental in getting
my former CAD business off the ground. I love her, and I miss her more than
I ever imagined.

[The Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club is proud to announce two new
members: Leslie Deis and Philip Johnson. ]

27 January
1945 Soviet troops liberate the Nazi concentration/death camp at

posted at
It is a sad irony that on 1 January 1945, 1000s of Donau-Schwabens were
herded into boxcars at Apatin, Yugoslavia and shipped to Soviet labor/mining
camps in southern Ukraine. The trainloads arrived in/near Bokovo 19 January
1945. Those that survived the concentration were finally freed and sent to
West Germany late 1949.

The Donau-Schwabens are ethnic Germans that settled along the Danube River
throughout northern Serbia and Romania in the late 1700s after the
Austro-Hungarians pushed the Turks out of that region.

Only those between the age of 18 and 45 were shipped to Bokovo. The
remaining Donau-Schwabens were placed in concentration/death camps
throughout Serbia and Romania. Gakovo was the location of one of the camps.

28 January
1912 birth of Jackson Pollack
2005 part of a Chinese funerary ritual is performed outside 5232 Arbor
Street, across the street from the House in Ottopia.

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