[design] electromagnetism in security

Michael's post on electromagnetic radiation is a
clear indicator, in my opinion, on why it is of
critical importance for architecture and architects
to become aware of the science, technology, culture
related to electromagnetism as a fundamental study.
that is, this new infrastructure, centuries along
in its development yet which remains invisible and
mysterious, evil and ever-ready to offer salvation.
without basic knowledge (and documented footnotes)
belief in electromagnetism can trump facts, though
if i had to gauge from a non-technical point of view
the article seems in the realm of the probable and
likely/possible, except many things stated as fact
are presented with bias and debates remain ongoing.

a central question to me is the context that is new
with regard to electromagnetism, the science and the
technology which is a specialists domain, in which
the tenets of modern engineering, not architecture,
dictate the cool, hard, precise exclusion of human
dimensions when calculating whatever desired effects.
that is, whatever is guiding the EM infrastructure
build-out, from .US energy policy to EM weaponry,
it would appear to be an exercise in a technocratic
administration of modern ideology by way of machine.

while history is void of official precedents with
regard to addressing electromagnetism in cultural
contexts, many have made attempts to grapple with
the issues from the very abstract to very tangible.
from the nuclear priesthood to television antennas,
architects including le corbusier, robert venturi,
and thinkers such as lewis mumford have charted a
new relation to the otherwise invisible environment
of electromagnetism and various related phenomena.
see: www.electronetwork.org/works/ae/towards/frag/

when this otherwise engineered and idealized object
is taken out of its controllable clean-room context,
it can be evaluated by criteria other than those of
the engineers and the agency of idealized, tabula-
rosa. ideologized developments of pure technicality.
electromagnetism is about as abstract as it can get,
from what is known and unknown, and it can act as a
kind of cultural camouflage to operate beneath the
horizon, beyond the radars, outside of common-sense
perceptions that exist in another dimension, such as
the nostalgic and irrelevant traditionalism wrought
by modernism stuck in a pre-einstein universe, still
dictated by the force of gravity as the determiner.
the physics are different, consciousness changes, a
new perception is needed to conceive these environs.
the imagination visualizes, conceptualizes, ...sees.
a footnote in architectural history, le corbusier's
mention of a telephone as architecture, offers such
an entrance for architecture into this engineer's
world of belief and self-deceit of the true-costs,
cultural, human, to unrestrained EM developments.

with lack of knowledge, and a new sense, the most
basic of design decisions and detailing are left to
automated mindsets which places humans outside the
frame of reference, furniture has more priority than
people in the floor plan-- place an electrical outlet
by the head of the bed, so that the leaking radiation
effects the sleeping child for long-term exposure for
years while growing up, the EM weaponry of architects.
likewise, with no institutional dedication to actually
understanding and 'researching' the built environment,
common sense zoning is left to traditionalist moderns,
so that electromagnetic spectrum floods the young in
public and private schools while they sit for years
in classes, in buildings, enveloped in this EM flood.
that is the architect's domain too, unprotected, it
is another battleground, ignored. not for the science
and technical debates which are irrelevant to a more
basic fact undisputed, that long-term exposure to EMFs
is known to be a problem, and to limit this as much as
is possible. instead, laissez-faire architectonics.

on some television show recently they had an architect
who stated the commonly known fact that 2/3rds of the
energy generated in the .US goes for the architecture,
to power it, heat it, drive it. of the energy that is
sent into this 'architecture', this cultural signifier
which transcends mere mortals granted by the geniuses
of the established modern traditionalist hegemony, a
full 90% of this energy is lost - and 10% remains to
do the work that all the money, wars, and lives went
to capture, harness, and sustain as a built machine,
not for living but extinguishing life on the planet.

if architects and architecture were to engage the new
environment this could change, but ideologically it is
not allowed, it is a structural flaw to allow outside
information to contaminate the perfection of modern,
engineered objects. no objections or dissent allowed.
this machine is served and serviced by the architects
who praise the light and gravity of Newton as torch-
bearers of an architectural inquisition, dark-ages of
unknowing, carrying about the new torches of mobile
phones in their hands, sending out frequencies other-
than-light, though no less enlightening to this basic
condition, yet the minds are lost in past fantasies,
which if not serving architecture, service the other
ideals of perfected families, aesthetics, lineage,
materiality, taste, culture, in earlier renditions.

knowledge is non-existent to communicate complexities
well along in their development, further machinations
which tear at the heart and soul of human civilization
and the basis of a culture which can steer the desires
towards some semblance of a willed future, versus the
total destruction of the planet and its inhabitants.
the dispatches from the field stalk this new dragon,
electromagnetism, while those in the electronic caves
are left to wonder what is real in the mythic symbols.

architecture is devoid of scientific basis in its logic,
in its reasoning, notice the conjuring of 'laws', as if
immutable, by factories of pop-architectural theorists,
making designs on the minds in their own image, imago.
the subjectivity of the architect's physics are made of
will, the will to believe, the audacity of conception,
of the genesis of ideation as a pure liberatory force.
facts, truth, duty, culture, values, none of it matters.
design is devoid of human context, an aesthetic sheen
on the engineered machine- architects as window dressers.

the security of knowing what is false, if not knowing it
is false, by sheer force of 'true belief', ideologically,
makes insecure the foundation upon which the architecture
of its own doctrine depends for its stability, sustenance.
there is no there here, no here there, nothing no where.
nothing exists except that which is writ large upon the
world screen, the one-way audiovisual mental hack attack
upon the cerebral columns ready to capitalize all eyes.

a world without architecture which relates to the present
in the dimensions in which it exists as common knowledge,
that is, the electromagnetic definition of reality, of a
critical understanding of the natural, built, and virtual
environments of mind and structural design are then held
betwixt-and-between realities, idealities, dream states
and nightmare scenarios so spectacular to become movies.
aberrations, what is possible and real are now unknowns.

an architect looks at two doors, one has a mechanical
lock and key, another has electromagnetic lock and key.
today there is no difference between these two details.
nor the fact that the issue of security vastly differs.
what one loses by the mechanical locks in advances is
also a liability, a door can be unlocked from the inside,
by way of computer networks, walls, firewalls no longer,
walls, walked through within different elemental phases.

moreso than literal security may be the ideas that are
furthering the abstractions which make insecure that
which is needed to regain control, an architecture of
this reality, of meaning, of these new experiences and
environments in the total field, universal, and known.
arbitrary judges play bingo with lotto tickets of life,
another brick in the wall of moderns mind, power outage.

policy, ideas, actions, integrations, building knowledge,
reasoning, paradigm busting realization of the state of
the inter-nation, the reigning architect's architectures
cry heresy, or easier just to ignore truth, fact, reality,
for the 10% return on investments in total destruction.
the missing part of the ayn rand mythos was that herr
roark was indeed a madman, multiplied now million fold.

welcome to infrastructures, where architecture left off,
without all the cultural pretense outside of the needed
and necessary valediction and validation of the Modern...

'the machine is holy, all hail, worship, build the machine.'

brian thomas carroll: research-design-development
architecture, education, electromagnetism

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