Re: [design] 3g masts that look like trees

There are several of these in the NYC area. One on the NY Thruway stands
majestically twice as tall as the surrounding forest, no attempt to blend with
the context, and is now a Screw You Comedy Central landmark, literally not
yet historically, to help relieve the tedium of angrifying, foul-fumed

Have any of these been blasted by Earth First -- whose members probably
use cell phones to conduct operations?

What else could the towers be disguised as? Radio and radar towers appear
to have been socially accepted, even used as displays of technological
prowess like smokestacks once were.

Airplanes dump far more toxic materials into the environment than do
electromagnetic devices, yet the craft are beloved. Same for ships.

MoMA needs to valorize a cell phone system, if not the environmental
dumpage of modern world's valorized objects.

It would be informative if an EM installation at MoMA provided viewers
a chance to take EM readings on the beautiful objects, the video art,
including the earphones of the museum's recordings, the security gates
and wands and surveillance systems, the EM emanations of building

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