[design] scan: Archilab (FRAC Goes to Japan)

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| http://www.frac-centre.asso.fr/public/collecti/ftcl01en.htm

Monuments Of Wit
A museum in Tokyo showcases a half-century of ingenious and whimsical architectural visions

So the history of architecture is filled with visions and then revisions. As each generation of architects corrects the utopias of the one before them, razor-edged towers are followed by biomorphic houses and sky-platform cities give way to clustered yurts. There are lots of these heady innovations in "Archilab: New Experiments in Architecture, Art and the City," the highly entertaining exhibition now at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, where it runs through March 13. Organized jointly by the Mori and the FRAC Centre Collection in Orléans, France, it brings together more than a half-century of attempts to utterly rethink what a building or even a city might look like.



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