Re: [design] 3g masts that look like trees

The EM-simulacra devices worn by those fearful of chance
terror and disease: copper bracelets, inoperative wrist-watches
of famous-brand, faux-branded accessories and couture,
child-prayers repeated underbreath, laughing, squabbling
children themselves in lethal SUVs and desktop family
photos altar-arrayed or headstone-avoiding photos, rescue
telephone numbers walleted ayellowed -- not clear which
numbers calls which survivors. These amulets are as
powerful as ICBMs and Stealth craft in calming what

Mild electric shock freaks me, so I brace myself with
a jolt, caffeine no longer effective, pure EM right into
my eyeballs, not just printed text and photos inculcated
by culture to command obedience with imginary threats
and balms, sticking and carroting: beware of ignorance,
don't be too sure you know what's going on, better join
a club, obey the rules, any moment wrath descends.

Museum stores do quite well at peddling aestheticizing
amulets. Video clips showing an architect's hand sketching
a masterpiece, scraps of back of the envelope designing,
hasty scribbles of a prize-winners being inseminated. We
passed a Mont Blanc showroom in Barcelona recently,
the 50s-60s era fat pens arrayed among other branded
amulets, ready for a quick uptick of aesthetic quality aping
the performance architects. This display was not far from
Gaudi's stupefying genius showing how far most of us
are from the real insanity that creates beyond crippling

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