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Indeed, copper is believed to have magical power, although
it is not clear if this is by way of mineral or EM communication,
rather innoculation, and not only due to paganish faith.

It is a superior electrical conductor thus its long use in power
wiring. Gold is better due to its greater purity and the rich among
us so-called gold cable for our Bang and Olafsen panmedia
systems. However, I do not recall being consider magical like
copper, rather it is corrupting for its monetary value, and perhaps
that is a black magical capability.

Gold is longer lasting, perhaps perdurable, while copper oxidizes
and gradually disintegrates. Could be the disintegration is what
carries away evil spirits and disease.

Gold plated copper once was fashionable but people were killed
for what was thought to be pure gold, and the fad passed. Instead,
gold was plated with copper and lesser metals, as well as with
paint. Some gold was plated with fools gold.

Metalized fabric is used to protect against transmission of
compromising emanations from electronic communications
equipment, and this material is commonly worn by those
who suspect they are under EM attack. Tinfoil is not as
fashionable headgear as it once was, due to the phrase
of chapeau opprobrium.

However, RFID tags on products can be negated with tinfoil
so it may have a comeback.

The use of war-related fabrics in the New York Fashion show
this week caused unease among the vapid-wear ditsies. It may
be soon a fashion to adorn clothing with tinfoil, chaff, to show
hip awareness of privacy invasion.

We made a presentation in Barcelona entitled "Resisting the
Information Technologies of Political and Economic Control."
Asserted that excessive secrecy of government and corporations,
combined with pervasive electronic spying and data mining,
consitutes the greatest worldwide threat to democracy.

Copper bracelets, bear in mind, are perfect tracking antennae.

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