Re: [design] 3g masts that look like trees

John Young wrote:

Metalized fabric is used to protect against transmission of
compromising emanations from electronic communications
equipment, and this material is commonly worn by those
who suspect they are under EM attack. Tinfoil is not as
fashionable headgear as it once was, due to the phrase
of chapeau opprobrium.

oddly enough i had finished working on two
'faraday' dream catchers earlier this week.
like a faraday cage, it is imagined such a
device might catch electrons and signals in
the aether, as if in a net or a shield that
conceptually helps visualize the invisible.

JPEG image

(thus, signals from antennas, buildings, and
space particles could be caught in this net,
represented by beads and crystals in wires...)

more faraday cage/shield/dream catcher imagery

Mild electric shock freaks me, so I brace myself with
a jolt, caffeine no longer effective, pure EM right into
my eyeballs, not just printed text and photos inculcated
by culture to command obedience with imginary threats
and balms, sticking and carroting: beware of ignorance,
don't be too sure you know what's going on, better join
a club, obey the rules, any moment wrath descends.

some 'religions' are based on this practice,
using biofeedback and brainwaves to regulate
psychological states of control. with a magic
box determining the state of health/awareness,
or so i've heard/read about the church of...
there was also a local/national church around
(probably still is) which did electromagnetic
evangelization of 'sound and light' as (god).

i think the claims of magnetic bracelets, not
sure about copper, is that the magnetism of
the blood is affected and thus ailments can
be changed qualitatively by wearing magnets
on wrists, neck, and other places (there are
shoe insoles, belts, other things like this).
there's also a local museum which collects
'questionable medical devices' though by and
large debunking alternative healing strategies
in a vapid medical establishment on the basis
of 'sound science' is goofery in
Re: [design] 3g masts that look like trees, John Young
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