[design] [the making of my Rita Novel idea] for real


[now read http://www.quondam.com/02/0126.htm ]

Obviously, they don't know Le Corbusier is really staying at Cape May Point
and busy writing "Promenade Architecturale" for the Horace Trumbauer
Architecture Fan Club Convention.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Luis Bunuel and Happy Deathday Andy Warhol. They're
still in Philadelphia since attending St. Catherine de Ricci's, Louis I.
Kahn's and Albert C. Barnes' "The Bilocating Barnes Foundation" as presented
on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway 13 February 2005. Besides, who can resist
being around Dali these daze?

[Does anyone still remember "Steve's Acropolis" as presented early 1999
within schizophrenia + architectures at www.quondam.com ? Well, it turns out
that "Steve's Acropolis" (a group of experimental architectures poised on a
hill) fits near perfectly on the future site of the Barnes Foundation along
the Benjamin Franklin Parkway -- http://www.quondam.com/24/2344.htm .]

Eutropia is presently getting a real kick out reminding everyone that she is
a Syrian!

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