Re: [design] redux: things architecturalized

hi Steve, it's wonderful you find references like this,
i'd forgotten about it yet upon mentioning it all of
the connections come back. yes, I did take several
digital photographs, I may have one online somewhere
and more on disks, which is a process of going through
a dozen-plus CDs looking for the files, which I will
try to do though it may take a little bit. wondering
what your photographs look like. I am very interested
right now in doing daytime time-elapsed photography,
or long-exposure, using ND/neutral density filters
which screw onto a camera lens- basically a very dark
(darkest ND filter, probably with more than one of them
for full light daytime, which I am working toward an
experiment with, in time).. piece of glass which can
allow for longer exposures, so that people movign in
a photo become like streams of energy or ghosts even,
while the static remains clear. i miss construction
photographs, the new guthrie theater by jean nouvel
is going up by my new apartment and i took photos of
it late last year where it was just concrete structure
and it was stunning in its pure architectural forms.
i am on dial-up and my computer is put-putting along
so all media-related files/uploads have slowed down,
as the media utopia is not without friction/gravity
in trying to manage digital flotsam floating about.

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