Re: [design] redux: things architecturalized

Brian, I'm glad you recorded the parkway construction. I vaguely recall you
posting an image or two back then. Anyway, it would be neat to have your
images side-by-side with images of the current GATES in Central Park. No
rush in finding the images though, I know what you mean about having to go
through many discs to find stored data.

The pre-Halloween images of Kahn's Bryn Mawr Dormitory are somewhat dull
because it was late afternoon and cloudy when the images were taken. The
images with the Halloween decorations inside are fun to see, however, and I
will post them at quondam soon. There was a post to design-l or
architecthetics entitled "Kahn in cobwebs" were one of the images was
featured. [It still bothers me that Howard privatized the original design-l
archive -- kinda like things assholedized. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.]

Good luck with your planned 'photography' experiment. I look forward to
seeing some of the results.

One of the few times I converted color digital images into grayscales was
with the Bryn Marw Dorm images, and I was somewhat surprised how different
the images became. They actually looked more aesthetic for some reason.
Looks like I may be doing some experimenting myself.

just looked at the orange fence image at mnartists -- very, very
interesting! I love the whole "who's reenacting who?" quondam quandary.

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