Re: Stambaugh B&T translation ??

I quit enjoyed this newest translation... as I understand it Stambaugh
studied under Heidegger (of course I may be mistaken) overall does this
mean the translation does not have a few debatable problems...

now I don't have my copy right here but as I recall this was a problem
dealing with the interpretation of the "Destruction of this History of

"Uberwindung" the word taken for destruction has been argued to be more
appropriately translated "overcoming".... I like this later translation,
mostly because of the linguistic connection it creates between what
Heidegger intends to say with what Nietzsche did say (i.e. the overman)

At 11:31 PM 1/5/98 PST, you wrote:
>Could someone please write a few words about the (relatively) new
>translation of _Being and Time_ by Joan Stambaugh? It would be
>especially helpful to hear from those who have studied both this and the
>earlier translation and could comment on the relative strengths and
>weaknesses of both (or indeed from those who can read German!). Thank
>you in advance.
>All the best,
>Luke Jerzykiewicz
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