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Your pst reminds me of a Kurt Vnnegut novel ( I can't remember which one
at this time) in hwich he talks about the click.. he refers to the point at
which a prisoner realizes why what he did was wrong.. he said that the
click is so powerful that those who are a-tooned to it, as in the other
prisoners, actually he an audible loud click when the fellow inmate goes
through such a realization

Matthew Detzler
Illinois State University

At 10:44 AM 3/15/98 +1000, you wrote:
>I am interested in what happens when we we realize something.
>You know, when something clicks, suddenly makes sense, when an
>understanding is rearranged in our heads.
>Maybe Heidegger is talking about something like this with regard to the
>Augenblick; and maybe Heidegger acolytes like Foucault are talking about
>this on a macro level when one episteme changes into another.
>Also, Im interested in how technologies (and changes in technologies) lead
>to (or enable) such "realizations" - inded, the technologies themselves may
>actually *be* the realization itself.
>Does anyone know of any work done in this or related areas, or of any
>texts/works I should look at?
>Much appreciated ...
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