Re: things change, people change...

I had been avoiding this list until I understood Heidegger
better, but the Four Fold whatever bothers me. Moral revulsion
is a refutation, and explaining the revulsion a hobby rather
than a necessity. In any case, at the end of "A Religion for
Adults," (in Difficult Freedom, Baltimore, 1990) Emmanuel
Levinas writes:

"For Judaism, the world becomes intelligible before a human
face, and not, as for a great contemporary philosopher who sums
up an important aspect of the West, through houses, temples and
bridges. [This freedom] relegates the values to do with roots
and institutes other forms of fidelity and responsibility. Man,
after all, is not a tree, and humanity is not a forest. It
promotes more human forms, for they presuppose a conscious
commitment; freer forms, for they allow us to to glimpse a
human society and horixons vaster than tose of the villages
where we were born."

I suspect that this is germaine to the discussion.
Ed Codish

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