Bibliography on Levinas' Critique of Heidegger


In light of recent discussions on both the Levinas and Heidegger lists, I
am finding myself inclined to return to a paper topic that I left hanging
a few years ago. This paper was on "Reassessing Levinas' Critique of
Heidegger," particularly after _The Heidegger Case_. Thus, I am in the
process of gathering secondary sources relevant to this issue. Though one
might suspect several articles relevant to Levinas' critique of Heidegger,
my search has turned up only twelve so far. I have listed them below.

I am posting this bibliography to this list for two reasons. First, I
suspect that others might be interested in this issue and, therefore,
might find these articles relevant to their own research. Second, I am
asking for anyone to advise me of any oversights (glaring or otherwise).
I understand that Richard Cohen's collection _Face to Face with Levinas_
might be helpful as well, though I have not included it below because I am
lacking the specifics. Any help on gathering references will be greatly


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