Re: "Letter on Humanism"--Reading 4

An Kathryn Zervos and Matthew Korte,
the significance from the fourfold: the inner encounter from gods-mortals,
earth and heaven, is maybe the main thinking of the thirties, if you put
atention at the nuclear doctrine from heideggers texts on art, for example.
The Hoelderlin lesson from 34/35, the Beitraege zur Philosophie, an the
second and third lesson about Hoelderlins poems Andenken and Der Ister, all
they cross the limits of the metaphysical thinkink by usying from the poet and
other reflexion categories, such as inningkeit, streit, gegenwendige,
inwendige, welt und erde for the first time, etc etc...
I don't know if these lessons are yet translated in english, i suppose you
must read that stoff in german and became from yourself the contents from
the lessons; the most important of them the first, WS.34/35 about the hymnen
Germanien und der Rhein, are the basic lesson wich think the conceps for the
others, capital for the understanding of Heideggers second Hauptwerk, die
Beitraege zur Philosophie...

Breno Onetto
D-44801 Bochum

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