Heidegger and the Political? A Question from a newcomer.

I=B4m a newcomer on internet and on this heidegger-list and it=B4s all very=
strange here, but I will do my very best to understand, whats going on here.
One of the first messages I get, was the answer from Brad McGormick to a=20
question from Tony. A very nice text and I=B4m not the cat. It seems to me,=
that this text has a strong *political* basso continuo and I think, that one=
can hear Hannah Arendts voice in the background, so I would like to post=20
some question to the list. Margaret Canovan has written in her new book on=
Hannah Arendt, that the =BBstep from Heidegger=B4s philosophy to Arendt=B4s=
much shorter than one might expect=AB. What do you think about this thesis=
about Arendt=B4s and Heidegger=B4s understanding an revitalising of the=20
*republican tradition*, especially after the events from 1989 ?
Boris Blaha

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