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Brad has suggested to me in a private post that the passage must mean
that the thing comports itself toward Dasein, though it cannot be
revealed without the corresponding proposition, which manifests the
thing. (I hope I am getting that right, Brad.) This response seems a
little more determinative than yours below, but I believe it does not
contradict your position. Am I right in thinking this?


On Mon, 10 Apr 1995, Martin Weatherston wrote:

> I would say that it is not the proposition to which the thing is
> related, but Dasein. While the passage starts by talking about
> propositions, these are pushed into the background as not fundamental. I
> read this passage as similar to ones to in B&T, s. 44, where Heidegger
> says that propositional truth has a relation of correspondence, but this
> correspondence makes no sense unless we understand it as grounded in the
> deeper level of truth, namely the uncovering of Dasein.
> Martin Weatherston
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