Heidegger Conference


The 29th Annual Heidegger Conference will be hosted by Skidmore
College in Saratoga Springs, New York, beginning on Friday, May 19-Sunday,
May 21. Those interested in further details can contact me (Reg Lilly) at
[email protected]; (518) 584-5000 ext. 2396.

Friday, May 19:

1:00-2:15: Thomas Sheehan, Loyola - Chicago: "Das Gewesen"
Commentator: Drew Hyland, Trinity College
Chair: John Caputo, Villanova Univ. =20

2:15-3:45: Christopher Zurn, Northwestern Univ.:"The Birth of Tragedy: The=
Origin of The Origin of the Work of Art?"
Commentator: Lawrence Hatab, Old Dominion Univ.
Chair: Walter Brogan, Villanova Univ.
3:45-4:00: Break

4:00-5:15: Alan Milchman/Alan Rosenberg, Queen's College: "Education,
Philosophy and the University as a Site for the
of Human Existence: Heidegger's Rectorate,=
Commentator: John Bailiff, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Chair: George Kovacs, Florida International Univ.
5:45-7:00 Open Reception, Surrey Inn

Saturday, May 20

9:00-10:15: Charles Scott, Penn State Univ.: "Language in a Passing Sense
of Transcendence"
Commentator: David Michael Levin, Northwestern Univ.
Chair: Wayne Froman, George Mason Univ.

10:15-10:30: Break

10:30-11:45: Veronique Fot=ED, Penn State Univ.: "Empedocles and Tragic
Thought: H=F6lderlin, Heidegger, Nietzsche"
Commentator: P. Christopher Smith, Univ. of Lowell=20
Chair: Francisco Gonzalez, Skidmore College

11:45-1:15: Lunch

1:15-2:30: Daniel Dahlstrom, The Catholic Univ. of America:" Totality and
Original Temporality"
Commentator: Theodore Kisiel, Northern Illinois Univ.
Chair: James Faulconer, Brigham Young Univ.

2:30-3:45: Andrew Cutrofello, Loyola - Chicago: "On the Way to Marx:
Specters of Heidegger"
Commentator: Richard Findler, Slippery Rock Univ.
Chair: David Kolb, Bates College

3:45-4:00: Break

4:00-5:30: Klaus Held, Bergische Universit=E4t, Wuppertal: "Authentic
Existence and Political World" =20
Commentator: John Sallis, Vanderbilt Univ.
Chair: Joan Stambaugh, Hunter College

6:00-6:45: Reception, Surrey Inn
6:45-8:45: Banquet, Surrey Inn

Sunday, May 21

9:15-11:15 Panel: HEIDEGGER AND LACAN

Fran=E7ois Raffoul, SUNY -Stony Brook: "Heidegger and Lacan:=20
The Eventual Subject" =20
& David Pettigrew, Southern Connecticut State Univ.:
Lacan's Versagung with Heidegger's Sagen"
Commentator: Babette Babich, Fordham Univ.-Lincoln Center
Chair: William Richardson, Boston College

11:30-1:00: Business Meeting

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