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Call For Papers

patheticism - 18 & 19 Aug 1995

A conference to be held at Trinity College Dublin seeks
participants from various disciplines to theorize the irony-free zone as a
necessary consequence of the attenuation of the autonomous subject.

*attempts to synthesize disparate accounts of pathos and the pathetic.
*indicates a desire to move beyond the bounds of irony via an unapologetic
occupancy of a position which is from the outset acknowledged to be
*is the post-camp valorization of mediocrity and self-deprecation,
the slacker ethos of paralysis, the democracy of failure, and any other
excesses of hyper-individual introspection (from any era).

Possible topics:
the Greek concept of pathos, the Quixotic novel, pathetic narrators
(Sterne, Dostoevsky, Nabokov), pathetic characters (Bartleby, Svejk,
Murphy), the pathetic as anti-sublime, indie rock and/or fanzine culture,
pathetic fallacies, melancholia, the revenge of the object, the abject
pathetic, impoverished or residual artworks (Annette Messager, Mike Kelley,
Joseph Beuys), Morrissey, Hamlet complexes, straight queers, etc.

Send 350 word abstracts by 10 May 1995 to:

Edward M. Lorsbach
School Of English
Arts Building
Trinity College
Dublin 2, Ireland
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +353 01 608 1111
Fax: +353 01 671 7114

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