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To list administrators,

Would you consider opening a list, or a series of lists, which have
themes for the listname rather than the name of an individual author? I
have participated on lists and find repeatedly that a whole range of
philosophical discussion is restricted due to the operation of the
discussion under the heading of the proper name of an individual. One
exception to this is the Postcolonial list.

My suggestion, should you be interested in pursuing this idea, is that
topic names be long and specific. So, for example, "Time" is just too
short, while something like "Post Heideggerian Temporality" might be
just the ticket. Or, again, "Postmodernism" is just too general, it
seems to me. Postcolonialism works as "colonialism" is not as broad as

Intro material to such a list could include the proper name via a
"string" of them in order to give the general character and direction of
the theme. So, for example, a list on "the Other" might have a string
like "Levinas, Derrida, Bhabha, etc." to help give a view for the
general direction.

Thank you for considering this, and I invite other list participants to
chime in if they see the problem that I do and the benefits of the
direction I'm pointing to.


Tom Blancato


"It is only after one ceases to reduce public affairs to the business of
dominion that the original data in the realm of human affairs will appear, or,
rather, reappear, in their authentic diversity." -- Hannah Arendt

Crises of the Republic; lying in politics, civil disobedience on violence,
thoughts on politics, and revolution. Hannah Arendt [1st ed.] New York,
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich [1972] pages 142-143

Tom Blancato
[email protected]
Eyes on Violence (nonviolence and human rights monitoring in Haiti)
Thoughtaction Collective (reparative justice project)
521 Main Street
PO Box 495
Harmony PA 16037

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