authenticity again

I had long suspected it. It was recently confirmed (well, actually in
1931, but I just read it). There is one authentic type of human being:
the philosopher. Not just any philosopher, though. Heidegger. He's
generous enough to include Holderlin. The rest of us are slaves.

This can be determined fairly straightforwardly. What distinguishes
humans from other beings? Seinsverstandnis. Who understands being?
Well, we all do, although for the most part in an average, everyday way.
We take what lies before us as a being. In our average everydayness, we
never turn to being itself, nor do we execute the difference of being and
beings. Thus we never find our way to what is our ownmost. Our ownmost
is to question being itself. Only then are we authentically what we are,
that is human, the being that CAN understand being. And gee, guess who
fits that description?

I suppose it's not surprising that Heidegger had an overweening ego.
Many people do. It's merely annoying to find out that Heidegger writes
hundreds, even thousands of pages describing himself and why he is living
the best of all possible lives. It's even more annoying to know that his
books are giving us the criteria for recognizing that he is indeed living
the best of all possible lives.

Interpretative tip: whenever Heidegger says "authentic Dasein" or "self",
substitute "Heidegger", or, if you don't want to make him sound like some
sport star who refers to himself in the third person, "myself". I've
found it makes the reading go much easier.


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