the phrase "out of hand" occurs in your last post. I think I used it, with
hyphens, in one of my last posts. This may probably not intersect with the
general thrust of your points, but would you or anyone be interested in
looking at the "out-of-hand" within the context of the, or an, existential
analytic speaking of the ready-to-hand and the present-at-hand? I don't know
why, but I find this very interesting.

"It is only after one ceases to reduce public affairs to the business of
dominion that the original data in the realm of human affairs will appear, or,
rather, reappear, in their authentic diversity." -- Hannah Arendt

Crises of the Republic; lying in politics, civil disobedience on violence,
thoughts on politics, and revolution. Hannah Arendt [1st ed.] New York,
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich [1972] pages 142-143

Tom Blancato
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Thoughtaction Collective (reparative justice project)
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