Re: authenticity again

> I know that Heidegger says that 'inauthentic' is not supposed to be
> pejorative -- but it hard to read it any other way. The whole language
Lectio difficilior lectio potior. :-)

> of inauthentic man who engages in prattle contrasted with authentic
> Dasein who engages in discourse, alerts me to a value system, hidden,
> perhaps, behind protests of neutrality.
I don't think Heidegger protests neutrality. But he does fulminate over
value systems. Hence he tries to understand what first makes value
systems possible.

> You don't agree?
I agree that Heidegger "valued" being a philosopher (or a "thinker", if
you will) above all else as far as this was his chosen path. So what?
He's not insulting non-thinkers and non-poets by doing this. You're not
insulting me by being you and not being me. :-)

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