Re: authenticity again

> Far from dismissing Heidegger out of hand (that would come only after I
> understood him), I'm trying to understand what he is saying. I was quite
> serious when I said that Being and Time is a description of the criteria
> by which we recognize that Heidegger is THE authentic human, because he
> is the one who takes up (ubernimmt) the ownmost essence of being human.
> Because there are grades of truth, there are corresponding grades of
> being human. The authentic human is the one with the most truth, which
> is to say, the one who understands being as being as well as the
> corresponding difference of beings and being. The authentic human is the
> most free. And this person is Heidegger.
You are incorrect. Yours is a crude misinterpretation: Whoever gets the
most truth wins. Isn't Heidegger's point that truth happens in
(kairological) moments of authenticity? And this is available to
everyone, not just "thinkers", in the Augenblick?

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