Re: authenticity again

> He's talking to me. But instead of responding with a reasoned argument,
> Mr. Morrissey intends to dismiss my argument out of hand. At least I
Hey bud, you're so touchy! Chill out. I just think that the ideas "only
philosophers are free" and "whoever gets the most truth wins" and
"Heidegger had a massive ego and all his writings testify to nothing but
this" are baloney. I just walked in here and I don't know if you really
believe those propositions (probably not, you sound like you've done your

> Clearly, I don't agree with this (well, not entirely anyway). Others may
> not agree with either me or Poeggeler. Arguments would be in any
> case welcome - arguments, not arrogant dismissal.
Poeggeler has a lot going for him. So how are you disagreeing with him?
You're saying Heidegger always thought he was hot stuff, not just during
his Zarathustra phase?

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