Re: authenticity again

Iain. Your query re what would Heidegger think of the internet reminds
me of *Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure* where a number of great
historical persons are brought back through time and find themselves
completely fascinated with Mall Culture. Napoleon bullies the kids on
the water slide, Joan of Arc takes over the Arobics Room, Beethoven plays
rock and roll on some music store synthesizer -- I forget what Socrates
does. . . but its pretty cool.

About the net and electronic selfhood. One way to think about it may be
that we construct different selfs in electronic media discussions because
of alterations in how we sense ourselves to be "present" to one another.
The net is fast, a lot like conversation -- you can pop off a "You're
wrong" or "You're crazy" answer while the heat of the exchange is still
there, but because of the distances involved you also don't have to take
into account what the consequences would be if we were all in the same
bar having the same talk. If we could think about your question this
way, then the issues that would emerge would be what this talk has been
about all along -- the relation of the subject to presence and the
relation of ethics, or values, to being.

I hope I'm expressing this right. . .

Michael Harrawood

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