Re: authenticity again

I find this discussion lame.

Christopher Stewart Morrissey writes:

>> I've always been curious about this authentic/inauthentic Heidegger
>> business. How do we know which is which? The usual "argument" is,
>> "Whatever I like in Heidegger is the authentic one; whatever I don't like
>> is the inauthentic." Do you have a better criterion? I'd like to hear it.
>Har! Yeah, that's about it. But if we want to go further than that, how
>we just focus on what we all like about Heidegger and what we all hate?
>> And why would we assign "what he has not yet thought" to Heidegger,
>> rather than say, Derrida?
>I guess because Heidegger made Derrida possible?
>> About this philosopher-king "baloney". Heidegger appears to offer a
>> philosopher-king "baloney", a poet-king (presumably also "baloney"), and
>> just a plain old king (that would be Herr Hitler). Then there is his
>> Being-king. Any preferences?
>Har! Yeah, something for everyone in Heidegger. A secret of his
>popularity? :-) I guess the only one I don't like is Hitler; all the
>other kings are fine choices for neurotic academics. But succumbing to
>any of the baloney just makes you a Heideggerian. Who needs that?
>Anyway, so do you think there's a way to interpret Heidegger such that
>moments of authenticity are available to everyone, not just philosophers?
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"It is only after one ceases to reduce public affairs to the business of
dominion that the original data in the realm of human affairs will appear, or,
rather, reappear, in their authentic diversity." -- Hannah Arendt

Crises of the Republic; lying in politics, civil disobedience on violence,
thoughts on politics, and revolution. Hannah Arendt [1st ed.] New York,
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich [1972] pages 142-143

Tom Blancato
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