Re: authenticity again

> What seems more available is an analysis of the way his work enters
> into the great philosophical conversation. What excited the German
> philosophy student with his work when young Heidegger spoke with the
> vocabulary he was building in B&T seems to me to be the way in which his
> work blends a value system with ontology. I don't see it as a criticism
> of his ontology, particularly, because I take his ontology as a
> perspective. But it seems to me that Heidegger discovered a way of
> saying, essentially, "take on my values and you will be able to understand
> being. Live as I suggest and the truth about the being will be disclosed
> to you." When Hegel took us through the dialectic of the master/slave,
> we, there was not a real sense of choice about it, either. In my current
> reading of Heidegger, his work serves to inspire the reader to choose to
> be authentic. Choose to be authentic and the deep nature of being will
> be disclosed to you.
> Do you agree with this reading?
Yes, but in the words of Stanley Rosen, "We should not begrudge Heidegger
the assumption of the robes of prophecy. This is after all a costume that
has been irresistible to all the great thinkers of our race. We must
nevertheless beware of false prophets." (p.xii, *The Question of Being* -
a terrific book; have you seen it?)

> when he slipped into his own prattle. That's not an argument for such a
> view, but a speculation of a possibility. No?

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