Re: authenticity again

> important to me personally). I think Heidegger is moving in the ten
> years after B&T into a way of expressing authentic Being, not as a value
> that a subject might possess, among others, but as the way in which
> Dasein's being is at issue for it. In other words, authenticity becomes
> the place in which Dasein finds what is essential about itself, the place
> from which it proceeds in order to Be. It can't be a property of a
> subject, along with, say, honesty, loyalty, and blue eyes.
Bingo. You got it. I agree with you.

Hey cats, I really dig this groovy Gelassenheit internet list. These
posts are really happening now! Sorry if I stepped on any toes when I
walked in. The first thing I heard when I entered the room was "Yah, that
Heidegger dude was on a major ego trip!" so I didn't think twice before
going "Ah, what a crock!" (By the way, for those speculating on netflame
aggression, I'm the same in real life. :-)

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