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On Sat, 17 Jun 1995, Christopher Stewart Morrissey wrote:

In my current
> > reading of Heidegger, his work serves to inspire the reader to choose to
> > be authentic. Choose to be authentic and the deep nature of being will
> > be disclosed to you.
> >
> > Do you agree with this reading?
> Yes, but in the words of Stanley Rosen, "We should not begrudge Heidegger
> the assumption of the robes of prophecy. This is after all a costume that
> has been irresistible to all the great thinkers of our race. We must
> nevertheless beware of false prophets." (p.xii, *The Question of Being* -
> a terrific book; have you seen it?)

The word 'prophecy' alerts me to a way of relating to any author that
does not work for me. I want to sink into the author's world with an
undertanding of it as 'a world.' There are other worlds to explore. Do
you read Heidegger as more of an authority than that? To me, Heidegger
creates a magnificent language game, and with his language he takes us
through phenomenal demonstrations that are educational (I hesitate to use
the word disclosing, because I am using a metalanguage here, that is,
talkig about Heidegger's project, not talking within it).

Haven't read the book by Rosen, though.

..Lois Shawver

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