Re: authenticity again

> The word 'prophecy' alerts me to a way of relating to any author that
> does not work for me. I want to sink into the author's world with an
> undertanding of it as 'a world.' There are other worlds to explore. Do
> you read Heidegger as more of an authority than that? To me, Heidegger
> creates a magnificent language game, and with his language he takes us
> through phenomenal demonstrations that are educational (I hesitate to use
> the word disclosing, because I am using a metalanguage here, that is,
> talkig about Heidegger's project, not talking within it).
Works for me! I'm looking for truth. Heidegger's an authority because
he's made one of the greatest searches for it.

Are "language games" educational for you because they e-ducate you (lead
you) from a world to truth (the world)? Do you understand truth as the
E-vent (Er-eignis)? Do you like Heidegger because of his radical
relativism and historicism?

> Haven't read the book by Rosen, though.
Check it out!

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