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> > Lois- In his lecture on Hoelderlin's celebration of 'remembrance,'
> > Heidegger says that 'homecoming' must pass through "that otherness
> > from where alone a return home is possible" [GA 52, 189-90].
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> > Iain
> Interesting. Would you mind also telling me what [GA 52..] stands for?
> I'm afraid I have not read this and I would like to. And I don't know
> quite where I might find it. I had not seen this in Heidegger, and it is
> really one of the elements that has struck me as different between
> Heidegger and Sartre, and, of course, Hegel.
> Thanks for pointing this out to me.
> ..Lois
It refers to the critical edition of the collected works
[Gesamptausgabe=GA] GA 52 is Heidegger's lecture course from the
Winter semester of 1941-2 on Hoelderlin's hymn 'Remembrance'
[Andenken]. Parts have been translated in _Existence and Being_,
see e.g. p. 258: "Homecoming is the return into the proximity of
the source. But such a return is only possible for one who has
previously, and perhaps for a long time now, borne on his shoulders
as a wanderer the burden of the voyage..." (E&B 258).

As for the theme of alterity, it is pervasive in the works of the
40's (and grows out of the work on ontological difference which
began in B&T (ontological difference) and evolves clearly and decisively through the various
versions of his treatment of metaphysics (1935-53: being is not a
being). Derrida didn't
pull differance out of the thin air of alterity... ;)

Derrida pursues a reading of being as alterity, and the problem of
'negative theology' in an amazing article collected by Coward and
Foshay in _Derrida and Negative Theology_,

To those who are singing the praises of Rosen's book: What do you
make of the strong anti-Heidegger polemic? (I.e., that "thinking
isn't about anything.")

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