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On Sat, 17 Jun 1995, Christopher Stewart Morrissey wrote:

> > The word 'prophecy' alerts me to a way of relating to any author that
> > does not work for me. I want to sink into the author's world with an
> > undertanding of it as 'a world.' There are other worlds to explore. Do
> > you read Heidegger as more of an authority than that? To me, Heidegger
> > creates a magnificent language game, and with his language he takes us
> > through phenomenal demonstrations that are educational (I hesitate to use
> > the word disclosing, because I am using a metalanguage here, that is,
> > talkig about Heidegger's project, not talking within it).

> Works for me! I'm looking for truth. Heidegger's an authority because
> he's made one of the greatest searches for it.

Get rid of the complexity in point of view and get down to the right way
to see things? I take it you don't think much of later Heidegger?

> Are "language games" educational for you because they e-ducate you (lead
> you) from a world to truth (the world)? Do you understand truth as the
> E-vent (Er-eignis)? Do you like Heidegger because of his radical
> relativism and historicism?

I believe that Heidegger was a great philosopher in the conversation of
historical ideas. I want to understand what he has to say. I also see
him as human, as not having the last word. I would like to stand on his
shoulders, though, and try to look a little further around the corner.

Is there a typo, by the way, in your above quote? I can't make sense of
it as it is. How would something lead from a world to truth (the
world)? Could you explain?

What I am most appreciative of Heidegger is the way in which he brings
modes of being onto the table, modes which affect our experience of the

..Lois Shawver

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