Re: authenticity again

> > To those who are singing the praises of Rosen's book: What do you
> > make of the strong anti-Heidegger polemic? (I.e., that "thinking
> > isn't about anything.")
> I take it as a thoughtful polemic that actively engages the texts.
> (Unlike Rainer Marten's "Heidegger and the Greeks" which comes across as
> ranting and raving.)
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Yes, Rosen's book is a force to be contended with; a Hegelian geist
reincarnated for one last meal: Heidegger! I haven't had a chance
to read the whole thing, but the texts he was addressing (early
lectures on Aristotle, e.g.) are certainly very important.

When did Marten's book come out? (What Press?) Does it address the
Presocratics as well as Plato & Aristotle? Against what is he
ranting and raving?


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