slow readings proposal for Heidegger.THINKNET


I've been quiet on the list for a while, primarily because of other work,
but also because I've been pondering various ways of avoiding flame and
ruffled feathers, so to speak. Anyway, I'd like to know if anyone would
be interested in a slow readings of Heidegger's philosophy of time.
Specifically, I propose starting *on the THINKNET address* with Division
II of _Being and Time_, moving on to the last part of _Basic Problems of
Phenomenology_, and then tackling selected sections from _Metaphysical
Foundations of Logic_. I figure such a project should take us well into
the winter, so it's a big job. As for Heidegger's later philosophy of
time, I have no idea what we might do, except read _On Time and Being_ and
then go on to whatever else people suggest.

I have a special interest in a readings of his earlier philosophy of time
for two reasons: (1) I'm temperamentally more interested in Heidegger's
earlier philosophy, and (2) I'm trying to revise a paper on his early
philosophy of time for eventual publication.

Alternatively, if the focus of all this seems to narrow or perhaps just a
bit too ambitious, we could try to restart the readings of _Introduction
to Metaphysics_ that was attempted some while back (I'm afraid I did a
poor job of it last time).

If someone would prefer something else, anything else, I really am all
ears (um, metaphorically speaking, that is). Anyway, I'd like to know who
would be interested. Please post all responses, pre-emptive postings, and
whatever on the THINKNET address, not here on Village. If I get no
response, I'll just start posting stuff on _BT_ Div.II by default.


David Schenk.

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