Re: authenticity again

On Tue, 20 Jun 1995, Christopher Stewart Morrissey wrote:

> > I keep referring to Hegel in interpreting him. I use Hegel as a kind of
> > base, I suppose, to understand him. However, I see modes of
> > consciousness in Heidegger as creating, two different language
> > games (later Wittgenstein), the authentic language game, and the inauthentic
> > one.
> So what's difference between the two games?

There is a language game of subjectivity, and reflection, in which one
talks about and thinks about death and the meaning of life. Then there
is the inauthentic language of daily life. By "language game" I mean a
kind of conversation with its own implicit rules of language use, not
something playful. Each kind of conversation evokes a certain kind of
consciousness. I don't mean to reduce Heidegger to these Wittgensteinian
concepts, but to relate them.

..Lois Shawver

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