Re: "Letter on Humanism"--Reading 4

>I just joined this list and am working my way through <Being and Time> with
>the navigational assistance of Michael Gelven's <Commentary on Being and
>To assist me in picking up the thread of some recent discussion could
>someone please explain what "the gathering of the mirror-play of the
>fourfold" means?
>Kathryn Zervos
>[email protected]

I second this request. I've read the essays in point (Building, Dwelling,
Thinking; The Thing, both in_Poetry, Language, Thought_), and I find this
Fourfold business one of the most obscure points in his texts. The most I
have been able to get out of the poeple I know who know about this is that
it has something to do with Hoelderlin. Your assistance would be much

Matthew Korte

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