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Did I mention Being and Time? Yes, I did. But it bears repeating: Being and

David Schenk writes:
>On Wed, 3 May 1995, Lois Shawver wrote:
>> What do you think is the best way to get into later Heideggerian thought?
>> What do you suggest I read?
>> ..Lois Shawver
>Ohhh-- Heidegger's later philosophy messes with my head in a serious
>way. That's part of why I'm not in the readings people are doing on the
>Letter on Humanism. However, there is this one little piece in _Basic
>Writings_ that is quite readable. It's called "Building,
>Dwelling, Thinking." It's very short and sweet and it is even accessible
>to persons as impatient as myself.
>-David Schenk
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"It is only after one ceases to reduce public affairs to the business of
dominion that the original data in the realm of human affairs will appear, or,
rather, reappear, in their authentic diversity." -- Hannah Arendt

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