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Actually, I didn't mean to especially emphasize Being and Time because it is
an "absolute masterpiece", though perhaps it is. I mean to emphasize it
because judging by certain things Heidegger says later on and from reading
through some of his later works, it seems to me that Being and Time is in
various ways constantly being referred to.

David Schenk writes:
>On Fri, 5 May 1995, Tom Blancato wrote:
>> Did I mention Being and Time? Yes, I did. But it bears repeating: Being and
>> Time
>Yeah, you're not getting any argument from me. I sent my post before
>yours appeared. You're quite right-- _Being and Time_ is an absolute
>masterpiece. Of course, _BT_ is *early* Heidegger, not later...
>-David Schenk.
>P.S.-- Since at least some of the other people doing the Letter on
>Humanism readings (which, I might add, is quite excellent so far) seem to
>be heavily steeped in Heidegger's later philosophy, perhaps they might
>have some suggestions for Shawver. When it comes to the later stuff, I
>really am out of my element.
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"It is only after one ceases to reduce public affairs to the business of
dominion that the original data in the realm of human affairs will appear, or,
rather, reappear, in their authentic diversity." -- Hannah Arendt

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