Re: Welcome to heidegger (ps Q on Derrida)

>Have you are anyone here read "The Nature of Language" in On the Way to
>Language? Or know where to place it in Heidegger's development?


This is quite uncanny! Your earlier query prompted me to take a look at *On
the Way to Language*. About half way through "A Dialogue on Language" I
decided to post a suggestion that this might be where you want to start. I
read "The Nature of Language" a while back. It is really a delightful essay.
I especially like the notion of preparing for "an experience with language."

This stuff was written in the fifties and by this time Heidegger sometimes
seems hardly distinguishible from a mystic. However, interesting resonances
with Being and Time are still operative, as always.

I don't know if I could answer authoritatively where it fits into his
development, but that's a very interesting question. I have my own possibly
idiosyncratic take on the contours of his development which I have haltingly
tried to articulate on this list in the past few weeks, but I'd be interested
in hearing what others have to say.

Meanwhile I came across something interesting in reading "A Dialogue on
Language" and wonder if someone might answer a question about it.

By page 23 the discussion between the Japanese and the Inquirer has arrived
at the phrase "house of Being" and the Inquirer suggests that the phrase
gives a "hint of the nature of language." The Japanese replies, "It seems to
me you have just said a freeing word." Later the Japanese says "...I fear
that to call your "house of Being" a hint might tempt you and me to elaborate
the notion of hinting into a guiding concept in which we then bundle up
everything." The Inquirer replies that "This must not happen."

This sounds like a preemptive strike against the sort of approach that
Derrida was to take, as "hint" seems to resonate with "trace." Does anyone
else see it this way?

I suspect that "hint" here harks back to B&T as a sort of assignment
structure. But as B&T is a way station, one doesn't want to stop there and
dwell before this concept, but rather to be on the way.

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