Re: Gravity and Light

You pose an interesting metaphor of the way "gravity" bends the "light"
so as to say that the light of the clearing thereby has in every case a
where character; an "individuation," so to speak.

But the remarkable thing is that not only does gravity bend the light,
the curvature of space-time telling matter how to move (be
"individuated") but also and at the same time one must also think using
the same metaphor, that the light bends space-time, giving it its very
curvature ("matter" bends space). That is, the metaphor is the same as
the serpent biting its tail.

Thus one must also be able to say, whereever you go, there you are.

I hope that I have understood something of how you want to use the
metaphor so that my comments make some sense. The point is that the
"relativistic" metaphor requires that the whole be thought as a
"circle." In this case, to think individuation in Being, not as two
seperate things, as if the gravity were one thing and the light
another, but rather related in a unified, though distinguished way.


A Peter Durigon

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